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Rental Agreement


All of our rentals are charged at time of order. Your re-occuring billing date will the date that you recieve your doppler.  You may keep your doppler for as long as you wish, your credit card will be charged each month for as long as you keep your doppler. Please let us know before your next billing date that you are returning your doppler so that no further charges are placed. 

Please be advised that although our dopplers have the toughest casing on the market, accidents do happen and damage can occur. For the most part, doppler use is a gentle and quiet process and damage is unlikely. However, be sure to keep your doppler in a safe place out of the reach of children and pets as the occasional doppler has been chewed or lost. You are responsible for any major damage to the doppler, including loss or theft, while in your care. 

All orders placed will be shipped by the next business day. Orders placed on the weekend will go out first thing on Monday morning. Although we cannot guarantee our shipping times, we do our best to get our orders to you within a few days and/or before a weekend because we are aware that most of our customers are excited to receive them.  

Tummy Tickles dopplers are strictly for entertainment purposes only. Be sure to follow the advice of a phyician as these devices are in no way intended to replace proper care by a medical professional. Although most of our customers report ease of use and early detection, we are not responsible for those individuals who have a more difficult time using our devices. Thank you for choosing Tummy Tickles.

All doppler rentals are charged in Canadian funds.