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Tips for Doppler Use


To ensure successful use of your doppler we have a few suggestions that might make finding the heartbeat a bit easier


  • In the early months a full bladder may help to lift the uterus out of the pelvic area. The further along you are (after 12 weeks) the less important it is.


  • Lying down on your back seems to be the easiest and most comfortable way to find the baby's heartbeat.


  • Generally its common practice to start from the belly button and move down towards the pubic bone, then move side to side. The earlier along in pregnancy the lower in the abdonmen you will hear the heartbeat. Early in the pregnancy (8-12 weeks) you will likely hear the heartbeat just above your pubic bone and may benefit from angling the doppler down towards your tailbone.


  • Move the doppler wand SLOWLY, very SLOWLY. Often people miss the heartbeat because they are moving around the abdomen too fast.


  • You will probably hear your own heartbeat a number of times before you pick up your baby's. We have found that the baby's heartbeat is often just behind your own heartbeat. Locate your own heartbeat and then just move the doppler ever so slowly, it's likely you will hear a more faint and faster heartbeat near to where you found your own, that's the baby's heartbeat!!!