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I just wanted to send you a quick note and tell you that I'm still using the Doppler, I love it so much and have referred your company to so many people I talk to live or on forums.

Thanks again for having such a great product.



Hi there. I just wanted to let you know I received my doppler this afternoon. Thanks so much for the speedy delivery. I am 10.5 weeks pregnant. I had a doctor's appt last week and she couldn't find the heartbeat with the doppler at their office. After having a missed miscarriage at 12 weeks last year, this sent me into a slight panic.

I have an ultrasound booked, but not until May 11th. In just a few minutes I was able to find the baby's heartbeat this afternoon. It was like a huge weight was lifted off my chest. Thank you so much!


I LOVED the doppler and after three early miscarriages before this pregnancy the doppler gave me so much peace of mind.  My doctor also used the EXACT same doppler that I had rented so I was very assured all was well with my baby.   By the way I now have a 7lb 13oz healthy baby boy!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I would recommend your services to anyone ( and have).


You offer an amazing service to expectant moms. This doppler not only provided much needed reassurance but also strengthened the bond between my husband and I and with our baby. It was the best investment of our pregnancy! Thank you for being so user-friendly and a pleasure to rent from. 

I will recomend your company to any friends or family looking to rent a doppler. 



Your product was wonderful and it offered countless days of reassurance and peaceful minds. We are now the proud parents of a beautiful 7 ½ month old baby girl.Thanks again for a wonderful product and top notch service !!



Can you believe that I already got it?  I tried and it and first try I was able to pick up both heart rates...154 and 170.....thank you sooooooooo much........Janet


What a wonderful business you have. After having four babies myself and hearing the heartbeat each and every time was a miracle! You must bring joy to so many people!


It was very reassuring to be able to hear my baby's heartbeat when ever I felt nervous. I have had 2 missed miscarriages (one at 10weeks and one at 16weeks) and a stillbirth. I was more relaxed this pregnancy, thank you.


Thank you for allowing me to have the opportunity to hear my baby (our first) and to have the extra reassurance of knowing she is there on the days when she isn't moving as much or kicking as hard. It has been a really special experience that my husband and I have loved and will repeat with future pregnancies.


Just wanted to let you know, I received the Doppler yesterday. I love
it.... It really works and is so cool... made all the morning sickness go away.. Thanks!



Wow--what great customer service--I will certainly recommend Tummy Tickles to my pregnant friends!


Well I just ordered my doppler yesterday and I got it this morning!! It took me about 15 minutes but I found it!! a strong 163 BPM...and it confirmed that I HAVE been feeling movement. I could hear it and feel it at the same time. I even got one pretty good kick!! It looks like I have an active one this time!! I just wanted to say thankyou for getting it out to me so quickly. I just love hearing that beat!! I will certainly reccomend your company to my friends.I have 2 more that are pregnant now and if they want one I will send them your way!! Thanks again, Candice


I've been using my doppler every morning just to put my mind at ease. i'm so glad i rented one! i'm finding that i'm much less anxious, being able to pick up the babies heartbeats first thing in the morning.


I LOVE my doppler! I listen to the baby all the time, thank you!


After you sent the second one by express mail, I had it within two days. Thank you! I absolutely love it. We are sitting at about 140 bpm which I think is good. Looks like another boy!

From Whitby

 I just wanted to thank you for this service. Having struggled with infertility and miscarriage it was extremely reassuring to hear my two little steam trains chugging away (The fertility treatment worked a little too well as I’m now 19 weeks along with twins!) So, thank you.


I tell ya, after 2 miscarriages, I need this doppler for some reassurance. I'm just so glad companies like yours offer such an awsome product to rent. Thank you for that.

From Snow Covered Toronto

Thank you very much for the opportunity to use it. I really enjoyed it, as did my 2 year old!!


The doppler is working WONDEFULLY, by the way. Such a relief to hear the baby whenever I'm feeling less than sure that it's actually still in there!
So thanks very very much for offering this service!


Thank you so much! I love hearing my baby's heartbeat! These dopplers are great!
Joanne T


Thanks so much for providing this service; I love checking in on my baby!!


I have really enjoyed having it and will be refering your company to all my expectant friends and family. I had an ultrasound done last monday and it's a girl! After two boys, you can imagine my excitement. I thought for sure a boy. I guess the wives tale about the heart rate is just that. She is about 130-140 bpm. Once again thank you so much for the doppler use and your personable service.


It was the best money ever spent! I don't know how I would have stayed sane without it!


 Thank you very much, what a great experience.


It was very reassuring to be able to hear my baby's heartbeat when ever I felt nervous. I have had 2 missed miscarriages (one at 10weeks and one at 16weeks) and a stillbirth. I was more relaxed this pregnancy, thank you.


Thank you, the machine that provided us with reasurement when we needed it during our pregnancy.


I wanted you to know that we received the doppler and it works very well! We are having twins and had no trouble finding both heart beats.


Thank you for all your help. The doppler works perfectly.


I just thought I would send you a note to tell you that I received the Doppler yesterday and picked up the heartbeat in no time!!!! (168 bpm).  Thanks so much for all of the information!  It is awesome to be able to hear the little heart beating when ever I feel like it!!!!


My sister was so thankful for the doppler, thanks for making it available to pregnant moms.


Thank you so much for offering this rental service, I really enjoyed having the doppler, it was very re-assuring in early pregnancy.


Thank you for the use of it, my husband and I have enjoyed listening to our baby girl, and now that we are able to feel her move, our stress of losing her is down a lot. (I have had a previous miscarriage)


I loved the doppler! I used it all the time and it was nice for my other kids to be able to hear the baby's heartbeat as well. Thanks so much!! :)


Thank you so much for putting my mind at ease!


This doppler helped my worries... Thank you!


Hi... Thank you so much for providing this doppler to us as a rental! We have really appreciated being able to hear our little guy's heart whenever we want! What a relief!!!


The doppler has helped my wife and I to relax a bit. We know that anything can happen, but too know everything is OK  at this hour in time, does help to make us relax a bit.


Thank you so much, the machine worked prefectly and my wife is as happy as can be. I do appreciate the extra mile you went for us.


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